Unleash Radical Innovation

Innovation is the act of introducing something new. And in today’s business environment, that “something new” needs to be something radically new.

Using some of the principles of Dialogue can help your company unleash radical innovation in a way that aligns with and supports your vision; sustains your success; and makes a difference in the world.

Actively listening to others with an intention to fully understand helps to deeply observe current reality and gain foresight into what the market is trying to tell you. What is wanting to emerge in the world and how will you align with that in order to create your competitive advantage?

As you listen to and observe current reality, it’s crucial to pay attention to your internal reactions to your organization’s SWOT — Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats. What beliefs are getting in your way of creating radical change?

In today’s VUCA environment, many people tend to move too fast. Slow down and commit to an unhurried pace in order to find your organization’s natural flow. Doing so will later allow you to act in an instant in a way that is more responsive – and less reactive.

In this slower cadence, it is important to make room for silence. Silence allows an opportunity to become more open and receptive to inquiries, thoughts and sensations. It provides a deeper capacity for discovery by cultivating your ability to tap into the creative source of knowledge, opening doors to all that is possible.



If you want to unleash radical innovation in a way that makes a true difference in the world, you must discover new knowledge – radically new knowledge. This is what will set your organization apart from others and it will require stepping up your organizational capabilities to include deep listening; being mindful of assumptions; slowing down; and allowing for silence.



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