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Creating Happiness In Your Spare Time

creating happiness in each moment

You must live in the present, launch yourself on every wave, find your eternity in each moment. Henry David Thoreau Many individuals feel that when they achieve success at work, they’ll automatically become happy. Is this thinking correct? Does success at work succeed in creating happiness? According to Shawn Achor, founder and Chief executive officer…

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Each Moment Is Motion

each moment is motion

In the mid 1980’s I managed a catering – wholesale foods operation which gave me the opportunity to reinvent everything. I researched the competition from the Canadian border to NYC looking for trends and new thinking, I spent time wondering, pondering and brainstorming with abandon. Some of my mad stirring of the pot paid off,…

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What’s Gratitude Got To Do With It?

gratitude is a chosen response

It’s easy to become a bit confused when the the subject of Gratitude finds it way into the conversation about empowering the creative and innovative talents of  company employees and teams. After all, whats gratitude got to do with business anyways? If you find yourself in the confused camp welcome aboard, you’re rubbing shoulders with…

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Meditation Is Just A Tool

meditation tips

Meditation – It’s Not What You May Think Often I’ve overheard people talking about Meditation in heavy and ponderous tones, words like transcendent, zazen and enlightenment pepper the dialog and boring, aching knees and spaced-out are added for emotional emphasis, but what would you say if I told you that Meditation is just a tool…

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Boost ROI by Grabbing The Moment

grabbing the moment

On a particularly snowy afternoon I found myself overlooking an expert trail on top of a little ski area in Vermont named Round Top (since closed). The snow had been falling most of the day which resulted in many of the skiers packing up their gear and heading home. Along with my two companions I…

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Expand Each Moment – Embracing Silence

Close your eyes for 3 or 4 seconds and listen to your surroundings, how many distinct sounds do you hear? I’ll bet you counted more then a handful. We are surrounded by noise, most of which we are barely conscious of and we’ve come to accept our life bereft of silence and forgotten how important…

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