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Distraction Free Workplace Zones Increase Productivity

distraction free workspace

Imaginations Filling The Workplace In the near future creating a Distraction Free Workplace by morphing our current spaces into soundproof offices that diminish much of today’s office noise is not the answer. First the cost alone of retrofitting millions of offices into a something mimicking a trailer park is not going to happen, and second…

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Deepen The Dialogue Process With Urban Hiking

What’s Urban Hiking Got To Do With Anything? Years after I’d left the meditation retreat thinking I’d put the unnerving questions of the old man in the past I found myself in an East Coast city eagerly playing the part of a tourist and all that entails, when suddenly I felt a large hand grab…

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Creativity is Everywhere

  As a child I often went camping with friends, sometimes the trip was no further than the backyard of my parents house, other times I traveled hundreds of miles to pitch a tent or roll out my sleeping bag under the stars. These trips were a magical time when we’d let the world fall…

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