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Meditation Is Just A Tool

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Meditation – It’s Not What You May Think Often I’ve overheard people talking about Meditation in heavy and ponderous tones, words like transcendent, zazen and enlightenment pepper the dialog and boring, aching knees and spaced-out are added for emotional emphasis, but what would you say if I told you that Meditation is just a tool…

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Journal Writing Paradox Burnishes Dialogue

My only resolution as this New Year (2015) unfolds in all its excitement, tradition and cheer is to engage more deeply with people and with the earth, so I’m writing this post with a rather cryptic title in the hope of engaging with you on a deeper level. Journal writing is one tool that can…

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Natural Rhythm

One of the key principles of Generative Dialogue is that of natural rhythm. This can be quite challenging to achieve as many of us are accustomed to using checklists and agendas in our meetings. With these checklists and agendas comes structure and within that structure, we tend to get attached to specific outcomes. If you…

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