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Relax Your Mind With Short Music Breaks

relax your mind

Music Releases Us From The Tyranny Of Thought There are a myriad of practices, paths, books, electronics, sounds and courses all extolling and promoting the benefits to be found when you relax your mind. Generative Dialogue is no exception, we think a clear and relaxed mind is the starting point to creating a truly remarkable…

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Remembering What We Know

remembering what we know

Remembering What You Know Recently I ran into a friend who sheepishly asked me if I had any tips that might help him express or feel empathy, honestly I was flummoxed. No one has ever asked me how to get in touch with their empathy, I’ve heard the opposite quite a few times, but to…

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Mindfulness Practice Deepens Dialogue + Expands Innovation

Deep in the middle of another frigid February with record snowfall, I jumped into my bright red Honda to take a 500 mile drive to a remote meditation center. The trip was my first expedition into the unknown continent of meditation and Mindfulness Practice, it wouldn’t be my last. As I drove up the snowy…

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