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Dialogue Works When You Work At It

dialogue works

Dialogue Works When You Work At It. Time, where’s the time. Space, how can I fit more into my busy life? Adding a new set of exercises and tasks to our already overloaded work-life seems impossible and yet that is exactly what we’re asking you to do when we introduce Generative Dialogue to your organization.…

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Discovering Our Own Assumptions Is Difficult

discovering assumptions

Spend a little time on the web and you’ll find hundreds if not thousands of websites extolling the virtues and success of their products to enhance innovation, creativity and of course ROI within your business or organization. One thing that seems to be missing from many of these costly techniques is getting you to discover…

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Challenge Your Assumptions

If someone came up to you on the street and said “challenge your assumptions” then walked away, what would you think? Maybe you wouldn’t think anything, but more than likely your thoughts would drift to thinking that person must be ill or you may even feel assaulted. Few of us would say “thank you” or…

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Make Unconscious Assumptions Conscious

 Build a Trust-Based Team It’s Monday morning. You’re sitting in the weekly Management Team meeting engaged in a discussion around a myriad of topics on the agenda. You get to the subject of the budget. Two Division Presidents are requesting funds for their business unit; but there is only enough money to fund one. Each…

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