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Listening Listening – Are You Really Listening?

listening listening

Sailing across glassy water is often portrayed as an uncomplicated journey with a destination ending in paradise, but what’s not generally highlighted in the glossy sailing brochures is that sailing takes immense dedication and skill if one’s to master the skill needed to cross a body of water. Listening Listening also takes immense dedication to…

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Remembering What We Know

remembering what we know

Remembering What You Know Recently I ran into a friend who sheepishly asked me if I had any tips that might help him express or feel empathy, honestly I was flummoxed. No one has ever asked me how to get in touch with their empathy, I’ve heard the opposite quite a few times, but to…

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Take A Moment To Explore Active Listening

While thinking about Active Listening the other day there was a knock at the back door and at first I thought it must be a package delivery, but it was my next thought that got my gears churning. What was the thought that pushed all other thoughts off the stage? My thinking pointed itself to…

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10 Quick Looks at Mastering Active Listening

Listening happens, but being good at listening takes focus and hard work. We learn reading and writing early in our school lives but, when it comes to learning listening most of us only hear “sit down and listen” or something more colorful. The extent of our schooling in the art of listening is lacking, and…

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