Suspend Judgment Grow Innovation

Our thoughts are often violent reactions to what someone has said or written, but often we don’t even see the violence associated with our reaction to the thoughts of others.

Violence can be defined simply as a reaction with force. When we dismiss someones thoughts or worse don’t even allow them to share their thinking we are closing them down with force, we effectively are using violence to stifle thought. There are countless examples but what I want you to think about here is your reactions in a business or educational setting. Think about all the team meeting you’ve participated in where people are routinely shut off by a colleague who has a better idea or worse the dreaded “that won’t work” shutdown phrase.

Introducing your team to the idea of Suspend Judgment may seem counter intuitive to a free exchange, fear not, suspending judgment as a Dialogue practice is a free exchange multiplier it’s rocket fuel for your companies innovation initiatives.

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