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Joseph Jaworski - Author of: Synchronicity

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Active Listening

It is a fundamental human need to feel acknowledged. You want to be understood regardless of whether or not another agrees with you. Learning how to actively listen creates a feeling of appreciation, connection and meaning. Listening is foundational to Generative Dialogue because it frees the mind to move in new ways.


We teach group participants to pause and ask three questions prior to speaking:

  1. Have I heard what’s been said? (Am I listening to fully understand?)
  2. Is it truly my turn to speak? (Am I paying attention to the Flow?)
  3. Is what I am going to say in service to the group? (Is my heart engaged?) 

Suspending Judgement

Dialogue involves genuine curiosity and discovery.  It is a space to explore, examine, create and learn — revealing information, assumptions and uncertainty.  It is a process of inquiry where there is room to seek new understanding – and learn from others — because diversity is valued and each participant respected.

Noticing Assumptions

People often lack the ability to talk about subjects that matter deeply to them without getting into conflict. As human beings, we are prone to psychological attachment and therefore experience our assumptions, beliefs, opinions and ideas as “truths”. Then when someone disagrees or challenges these “truths”, we feel attacked and forced to defend.

Space For Silence

Letting silence exist between verbal exchanges allows us to derive meaning from what has been shared, integrating it into our hearts.  From that place of depth, we become more deeply authentic.  With authenticity there is vulnerability and a breaking down of the very boundaries we self-impose upon ourselves.

Embracing The Unknown

Staying present in the moment can help us to embrace the unknown and welcome uncertainty. If we can release the idea that we have to “know it all” and simply be at peace with “I don’t know”, it allows us to accept the likelihood that the future is full of possibility

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