Collaboration – What The Heck Is It?

Often I run into people who use cooperation and collaboration interchangeably. And while an agreement to work together is certainly desirable, confusing cooperation with collaboration can quickly lead to a project falling apart.

Cooperation is like a group of islands that are friendly with each other, they share ideas and resources with each other when they can, but even though they are sharing and communicating they are not working together on a shared big picture.

Shannon Eeles asks herself, and us, what we can do to make the biggest difference.

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The Collaborative team is engaged together on all aspects of the project, communicating from start to finish. And to reach their deepest collaboration they often employ Generative Dialogue to help them expand their skills and vision. Employing Dialogue with your business builds the muscles of listening, noticing assumptions, silence, mindfulness, empathy and a host of tools that will give your team a newly deepened conduit to innovation and creativity.

On a daily basis businesses face growing complexity in their markets not only from their competitors but equally from their customers. Everyday there seems to be emerging products and ideas intent on challenging the how and why you are doing business.

Could it be technology is generating it’s own perpetual motion hamster wheel cleverly disguised as an innovation generator? Well, probably not but you get the point, things are moving really quickly and in order to flourish it may be time to not only think about doing things differently but to actually do things differently.

Below I’ve collected a number of articles to help broaden your understanding of collaboration, and check out our infographic Add Dialogue + Get Collaboration

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