Can We Get Anywhere Without Thought?

get anywhere

“If we don’t do anything about thought, we won’t get anywhere.” David Bohm Everyday we think, hear and talk about thought in some form or another, after all, our world is built upon our thoughts. We travel over roads, rails and bridges designed and built from thoughts and let’s not forget about flying through the…

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Mindsets Matter!

mindsets matter

  Shift Your Mindset to Shift Your Performance Last month I went on a 10-day cruise – a gift from my parents for my 50th birthday last April. Having never been on a large ship before, you can imagine how thoughts of the Titanic entered my mind on occasion – especially given that on the…

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The 10X Rule

Over the weekend, I read a book by Grant Cardone that I picked up in an airport bookstore some weeks ago, entitled The 10X Rule: The Only Difference between Success and Failure. What drew me to the book was the notion that this “10X Rule” could be applied to every aspect of our lives –…

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Suspend Judgment to Move Towards Dialogue

Our worldview – our attitudes, beliefs and ways of thinking – can move us towards Dialogue (wholeness) or away from it (fragmentation).  Dialogue involves genuine curiosity and discovery.  It is a space to explore, examine, create and learn — revealing information, assumptions and uncertainty.  It is a process of inquiry where there is room to…

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Make Unconscious Assumptions Conscious

 Build a Trust-Based Team It’s Monday morning. You’re sitting in the weekly Management Team meeting engaged in a discussion around a myriad of topics on the agenda. You get to the subject of the budget. Two Division Presidents are requesting funds for their business unit; but there is only enough money to fund one. Each…

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