Alone Together

alone together

In this crazy age of social everything, many of us find ourselves “alone together.” This phrase, coined by Sherry Turkle, founder and director of the MIT Initiative on Technology and Self, describes her view of the delusion of companionship we fall prey to as we continue to “connect” on social media, gathering thousands of Facebook…

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The 4 C’s of Generative Leadership

generative leadership

What is the true meaning of leadership? I guess it depends upon who you ask. Some may say that leadership is about authority. Others may define leadership as the capacity to have a vision and inspire others to support it. Many speak to leadership from the standpoint of direction and decision-making. And still others define…

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6 Tips For Increasing Workplace Focus

workplace focus

  Stop and Refocus – Increasing Workplace Focus. Simple, Right? If you were told that in 2015 a huge number of people took a survey (Global Corporate Challenge) and over ⅓ of the respondents reported feeling overly-stressed at work I’m willing to bet you’d think that number was low. I can see most people jumping…

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What’s Gratitude Got To Do With It?

gratitude is a chosen response

It’s easy to become a bit confused when the the subject of Gratitude finds it way into the conversation about empowering the creative and innovative talents of  company employees and teams. After all, whats gratitude got to do with business anyways? If you find yourself in the confused camp welcome aboard, you’re rubbing shoulders with…

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Boost ROI by Grabbing The Moment

grabbing the moment

On a particularly snowy afternoon I found myself overlooking an expert trail on top of a little ski area in Vermont named Round Top (since closed). The snow had been falling most of the day which resulted in many of the skiers packing up their gear and heading home. Along with my two companions I…

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Polishing Your Empathic Listening Skills


Empathic Listening Can Be Learned Ever wonder if people see you as a good listener? Or, conversely do you see yourself as a good listener? You’d be surprised at how many people think they are good listeners yet the opposite view is held by the people who know them.

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How Does Your Organization View Accountability?


How does your organization view accountability? At an individual level? Or at a team-based level? Accountability is a tough subject for most organizations. Why? Probably because it is targeted at one person and more often than not comes with blame or punishment.

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Dialogue is Like a Game of Solitaire

[aesop_audio src=”″ loop=”off” viewstart=”off” viewend=”off” hidden=”off”] I have two entertainment apps on my iPhone, one of which is Solitaire. Sometimes when I’m waiting to board a plane or riding in the car on a long drive, I’ll play a few games to pass the time. Because I travel a lot, this has added up to…

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