The Benefits Of Experience Keep Growing

benefits of experience

He knows the water best
who has waded through it.

Danish Proverb

Being able to call upon experience enables us to create and embrace change without being chased by the hounds of doubt. Experience replenishes us much like raindrops work their way into underground reservoirs collecting together into a powerful resource. The benefits of experience coalesce and magnify within our minds, forever strengthening everything we do.

Experience is a touchstone along the path of Generative Dialogue that expands in luminosity as we progress along an at times difficult trek. With each step we take by embracing Dialogue the benefits of experience will be revealed to us as the sun is revealed when the fog melts before our eyes.

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A Zen monk once asked the abbot of the monastery a rather bold question. “Why” he asked, “do we need to devote our lives to a meditation practice if we already posses the Buddha nature we seek?” The stone faced abbot smiled slightly and said, “because this Buddha nature you speak of is not your experience.”

We may posses many fine and deep traits and talents, yet if we’ve never developed these traits never toiled to bring them to an unfoldment in the light of day, what use are they?

  1. How can we know Active Listening if we’ve not practiced it, if we’ve not studied the steps leading to becoming a deep listener who moves beyond our own mind into the mind of the speaker? Until we practice it’s not our experience.

  2. How is it possible to be present within each moment if we’ve yet to withdraw ourselves from the frantic distractions of our world? Until we practice it’s not our experience.

  3. Is it possible for us to see beyond what we know if we’ve yet to embrace the unknown? Until we practice it’s not our experience.

  4. How can we move beyond judgment of the ideas of others if we are not sure of our assumptions? Until we practice it’s not our experience.

  5. Is it possible to creatively work within a team toward disruptive innovation without giving members equal weight within the team? Until we practice it’s not our experience.

Communicating using the Dialogue process brings about the benefits of experience and it’s experience that gives us insights to use what we’ve learned. It’s not magic, rather Dialogue is a steep path that requires commitment from every member of the team to move beyond the tired way of doing things and embrace the full range and benefits of experience.


Headline for 10 Great Benefits Of Experience

10 Great Benefits Of Experience

Being able to call upon experience enables us to create and embrace change without being chased by the hounds of doubt. Experience gives to us an accumulation of touchstones that we can easily refer to in the midst of confusion, deadlines and when we find ourselves wandering in the unknown.

Experience does not only exist in a dusty corral named repetition nor is waiting till you're old and full of memories a requirement to reap the benefits of experience. Experience is right here, right now.

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I will ALWAYS listen to my creative voice and give it the OPPORTUNITY to be heard!
Since having done this, my solo performing career has taken off and I inspire people all over the globe with my work and my words
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"to bend back." A mirror does precisely this, bend back the light, making
visible what is apparent to others, but a mystery to us -- namely, what our
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