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Listening Listening – Are You Really Listening?

listening listening

Sailing across glassy water is often portrayed as an uncomplicated journey with a destination ending in paradise, but what’s not generally highlighted in the glossy sailing brochures is that sailing takes immense dedication and skill if one’s to master the skill needed to cross a body of water. Listening Listening also takes immense dedication to…

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Creating Happiness In Your Spare Time

creating happiness in each moment

You must live in the present, launch yourself on every wave, find your eternity in each moment. Henry David Thoreau Many individuals feel that when they achieve success at work, they’ll automatically become happy. Is this thinking correct? Does success at work succeed in creating happiness? According to Shawn Achor, founder and Chief executive officer…

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Can We Get Anywhere Without Thought?

get anywhere

“If we don’t do anything about thought, we won’t get anywhere.” David Bohm Everyday we think, hear and talk about thought in some form or another, after all, our world is built upon our thoughts. We travel over roads, rails and bridges designed and built from thoughts and let’s not forget about flying through the…

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David Bohm All Moments Are Really One

moments are really one

“Ultimately, all moments are really one, therefore now is an eternity.” David Bohm Throughout his life David Bohm gave hundreds of lectures and talks in an attempt to not only share his thinking on Thought and Dialogue but to engage his listeners in thinking about these ideas deeply and then to share and question their…

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Easily Understand Mindfulness 10 Tips

eaisly understand mindfulness

“Mindfulness is so powerful that the fact it comes out of Buddhism is irrelevant.” Jon Kabat-Zinn I’ve mentioned in the last few blog posts how Dialogue is an effective practice to integrate into your business teams as a means to grow innovation and ROI in a meaningful way. One of the underpinnings of Dialogue is…

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Dialogue Works When You Work At It

dialogue works

Dialogue Works When You Work At It. Time, where’s the time. Space, how can I fit more into my busy life? Adding a new set of exercises and tasks to our already overloaded work-life seems impossible and yet that is exactly what we’re asking you to do when we introduce Generative Dialogue to your organization.…

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Relax Your Mind With Short Music Breaks

relax your mind

Music Releases Us From The Tyranny Of Thought There are a myriad of practices, paths, books, electronics, sounds and courses all extolling and promoting the benefits to be found when you relax your mind. Generative Dialogue is no exception, we think a clear and relaxed mind is the starting point to creating a truly remarkable…

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6 How-To Videos Get Things Done

get things done

Get Things Done Once you’ve decided what direction you want to point yourself in you can start to Get Things Done. And for many of us the neon sign in our head blinking blinking blinking, on and off over and over reminding us to Get Things Done is horrifying, and not because you don’t know…

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